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Hindu Wedding at Hotel Fariones Lanzarote

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Imagine when a wedding photographer in Lanzarote like me is given the opportunity to cover a 3-day wedding by the Hindu rite and with two people as happy and beautiful as Natasha and Sunil, It is something indescribable that I had never experienced and it was a unforgetable experience.


First day:


It was a mix between Pre-wedding at the Hotel Fariones with its wonderful gardens and a Henna party (temporary tattoos) with his closest relatives. When they finished the tattoos they did a "spicy bingo" where the hits were things that the bride and groom had to do on their wedding night.


Second day:


Hindu wedding day. Here we were able to experience something magical: First, a parade dancing towards the altar of all the guests with the music of a typical Indian drum.

Then, upon reaching the altar, the ceremony began, which consisted of the reading of passages from their sacred writings and they walked around the altar when the reading was over. And so 4 times until in the fourth round they were already considered married. What I noticed is that the excitement increased every time there was one less lap left for them to be married.  

After the ceremony we went to take photos at Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen very close to the Hotel Fariones and the groom went into the water!

The relatives observed the joy of the bride and groom and so much spontaneity of Sunil, showing excessive joy.


Third and last day:


This day was more formal since the civil ceremony was held at the Town Hall of Tías but they make everything passionate and emotional. Then we went to take the final photos to a very nice place in Lanzarote such as Tegoyo and here is the chronicle of the wedding.



Hotel Fariones


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